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Saturday 01 October 2005

ABO-incompatible kidney transplantation and rituximab.

By: Tyden G, Kumlien G, Genberg H, Sandberg J, Lundgren T, Fehrman I.

Transplant Proc 2005 Oct;37(8):3286-7

We have designed a protocol for ABO-incompatible kidney transplantations based on antigen-specific immunoadsorption rather than plasmapheresis to remove anti-A or anti-B antibodies and with a Prograf/Cellcept/prednisolone protocol using rituximab rather than splenectomy to prevent rebound antibodies. Twelve patients have successfully received transplants with this protocol. The ABO-antibodies were readily removed by the antigen-specific immunoadsorption and maintained at a low-level posttransplantation. There were no side effects. All patients have normal renal transplant function with a follow-up of 1 to 34 months.

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