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Wednesday 01 February 2006

Rituximab combined with a small dose of melphalan for a refractory follicular lymphoma patient.

By: Saigo K, Okumachi Y, Kondo S, Chinzei T, Okamura A, Takenokuchi M, Kawano S, Kumagai S.

Leuk Lymphoma 2006 Feb;47(2):353-6

A 48-year-old male patient with follicular lymphoma, grade II, stage IV, was treated with CHOP, ESHAP and MACOP-B, resulting in partial remission. After 9 months, the disease progressed and several chemotherapy agents, including three courses of rituximab combined with etoposide, sobuzoxane or methotrexate, only resulted in a stable disease response. However, the fourth course of rituximab combined with a small dose of melphalan produced excellent results and the complete response continued for more than 15 months. It is possible that these two drugs may act synergistically.

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