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Sunday 01 August 2004

Intra-vascular large B-cell lymphoma revealed by a nephrotic syndrome: a one year remission induced by a high frequency CHOP and rituximab.

By: Girard T, Nochy D, Montravers F, Der Sahakian G, Fior R, Galanaud P, Boue F.

Leuk Lymphoma 2004 Aug;45(8):1703-5

Intra-vascular lymphoma is usually reported as a rare and fatal disorder. We describe here the first case of an intra-vascular lymphoma revealed by a nephrotic syndrome for which a durable remission has been obtained by 8 cycles of bi-mensual CHOP and Rituximab therapy. In this report, 18 fluorodesoxyglucose tomoscintigraphy is discussed as a tool for intra-vascular lymphoma extension and follow-up.

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