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Friday 01 November 2002

Combined treatment with anti-CD20 (rituximab) and CHOP in relapsed advanced-stage follicular lymphomas.

By: Domingo-Domenech E, Gonzalez-Barca E, Estany C, Sureda A, Besalduch J, Fernandez de Sevilla A.

Haematologica 2002 Nov;87(11):1229-30

We studied the safety and efficacy of combined treatment with rituximab plus CHOP in 16 patients with relapsed advanced-stage follicular lymphomas. The intent-to-treat overall response rate (ORR) was 88%, 75% complete remissions (CR) and 13% partial remissions (PR). At a median follow-up of 18 months, 63% of the patients are alive (50% CR). The combination of rituximab and CHOP in relapsed advanced-stage follicular lymphomas achieves high ORRs and CRs, with low toxicity except for in previously autografted patients.

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