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Monday 01 May 2006

Alemtuzumab induced complete remission of autoimmune hemolytic anemia refractory to corticosteroids, splenectomy and rituximab.

By: Cheung WW, Hwang GY, Tse E, Kwong YL.

Haematologica 2006 May;91(5 Suppl):ECR13

A 58-year-old man with warm-antibody-mediated autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA) refractory to prednisolone, azathioprine, splenectomy, rituximab and combination chemotherapy, and with unacceptably high transfusion requirement, was treated with alemtuzumab. After a cumulative dose of 883 mg of alemtuzumab, the AIHA remitted completely, with normalization of hemoglobin and transfusion-independence. The major side effect was reactivation of cytomegalovirus, which was controlled with intravenous and oral ganciclovir. This case showed that alemtuzumab might be of use in therapy-refractory AIHA.

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