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Sunday 01 October 2006

Rapid infusion of rituximab with or without steroid-containing chemotherapy: 1-yr experience in a single institution.

By: Salar A, Casao D, Cervera M, Pedro C, Calafell M, Abella E, Alvarez-Larran A, Besses C.

Eur J Haematol 2006 Oct;77(4):338-40

We assessed the feasibility of a rapid infusion of rituximab with or without steroid-containing chemotherapy. Inclusion criteria: previous infusion of rituximab without grade 3 or 4 toxicity, lymphoid cells <5 x 10(9)/L and rituximab dose of 375 mg/m(2). Seventy patients were treated with a total of 319 rapid rituximab infusions [126 (40%) with and 193 (60%) without steroids]. Overall, rapid infusion of rituximab was well tolerated - there were no grade 3 or 4 adverse events. Only, three patients developed symptoms, all grade 1. In conclusion, rituximab administration in a 90-min infusion schedule is well tolerated and safe, both in patients who are administered steroids and in patients who are not.

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